Hey there! My name’s Abigail and I’m a self-employed marketing consultant. I have over a decade of marketing experience and have been working with clients from across the globe to help them suceed in their goals and ambitions. My journey into marketing originally started with an Ecommerce assistant job I had through a friend of my mum’s and I eventually learnt all the ropes of the marketing world.

As well as marketing, I also have experience in:

  • Ecommerce Creation and Upkeep
  • Professional Product Photography
  • Database Administration

My Goals

In today’s climate, there is a lot of information about marketing and how to best succeed. The problem is, trying to find which information is accurate and effective. With algorithms constantly changing and strategies out of date within hours of their release, attempting to put together a strategy for marketing can be quite an overwhelming experience.

With my decade’s worth of marketing experience, I’m here to lay things out in the simplest way possible with none of the nonsense – there’s a marketing technique for whatever you are trying to promote and my posts will help you to craft your own way into the world. As long as you have an open mind, marketing can work for YOU!